Head of Laboratory, Scientific Research Institute under the State Concern “Turkmengas”

Participating session
Session 1 (Roundtable)
Topic: Technologies for the development of gas fields with low hydrogen sulfide content

Irina Luryeva graduated from the Turkmen Polytechnic Institute in 1988 with a degree in Technology and Integrated Mechanization of Oil and Gas Field Development, and Ph.D. degree (1992, Moscow, Russia). She began her career as a researcher and teacher at the Turkmen Polytechnic Institute. Since September 2006 she has been working at the Scientific Research Institute of Natural Gas of the State Concern "Turkmengas"; at the present time she is the Head of the “Development of the Galkynysh gas field and international gas pipelines” laboratory. Her research interests include: hydrodynamic modeling of gas field development, field development technologies in complicated conditions: with a complex composition of natural gas; in water flooding conditions; with a large volumes of gas content; at abnormal reservoir pressures. She has 20 patents and about 200 scientific and educational-methodological publications.